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Do you want to help job seekers understand how technology has changed the job search and the importance of online networking? Run a job search workshop for the members in your community. This workshop includes resume reminders to stay current, tips for using keywords to get noticed and techniques to age-proof a resume.The Basic Steps 
Step 1: Plan for the workshop 

  • The recommended group size for participants is 25-45.
  • Venue Considerations 
    Since some job seekers are employed but looking to change jobs, we suggest choosing venues and times that will appeal to this demographic.
    • Avoid senior centers or other venues associated with an older demographic.
    • Schedule during lunchtime, after traditional working hours and/or on weekends.
  • Seating 
    Round tables are best to foster interaction amongst participants but any seating setup will work.

Step 2: Prepare your materials 
The 60-minute version can be run with or without the presence of technology. See Supplemental Materials section to download workshop presentations.

Step 3: Promote the event 
Share the event on your social media networks and local job boards. Post flyers in libraries or community centers — wherever you are permitted to do so in the community. 

If you have other volunteers helping with the workshop, ask them to leverage their networks — personal, professional, hobby groups, etc. — through email, social media, word of mouth and phone calls.

Step 4: Measure your impact (Optional) 
Number of attendees 
Keep track of how many people attended the event.

Step 5: Event follow up 
Follow up with participants and the community to share your success (make sure to include the metrics noted above). 

Acknowledge and thank everyone who helped. Post a notice of future events that so that you can further engage them in community service efforts. Ask your attendees for feedback to help you improve upon your success for future events.

Additional Resources 

Technology has changed the job search. If you’re in the market for a new job, you’ve probably noticed these changes, but you may not know how to stay current and competitive. 

Please note: One or more of the programs and resources listed below may not be affiliated with AARP. Any information you provide to the host organization of these programs will be governed by its privacy policy.

Job Search Engines 
Learn about job search engines and how they can assist you in finding a job.

Resume Reminders 
Review resume formats and learn how to spruce up your resume with a few quick tips.

Save Your Resume as a PDF 
Learn how to save your resume as a PDF to maintain style and formatting.

Age-Proof Your Resume 
Identify techniques for creating an age-proof resume.

Customize Your LinkedIn URL 
Create your own customized LinkedIn URL so it is easily shareable.

Keywords to Get Noticed 
Use keywords to help your resume get noticed by hiring managers.

LinkedIn for Online Networking 
Explore the many features of LinkedIn that will allow you to enhance your online profile and expand your online network.

AARP Learn@50+ 
Learn more about in-person events, webinars and online interactive videos on important issues, such as work and jobs, technology literacy, and family caregiving.

Supplemental Materials

60 Minute Facilitator Training Presentation

60 Minute Facilitator Training Presentation with Speaker Notes

Sheet

Blank Notes Handout

Job Search Resources

Participant Evaluation

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