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Coach More Than Sports

There are many ways to consider coaching that don’t involve a field, rink, or court. You just have to know where to find the opportunities. Here are a few great ways to make a difference as a modern-day “coach.”

Be a mentor.

From helping a student prepare for college, to helping a local senior find just the right part-time job, being a mentor is a rewarding, one-on-one experience that encourages you to leverage your intuition, and personal and professional skills. Search for just the right volunteer opportunity, and make a more personalized impact. Or take a more focused approach by assisting at-risk youth, and coordinate weekly activities such as trips to the library, job shadowing, helping with schoolwork, or just sitting down for an enlightening talk.

Share your smarts.

The more skilled you’ve become in any area of study, the wider the range of people you can help as a tutor. But with even basic knowledge of elementary and high school subjects, and a willingness to share and learn together, you’ve got all you need to take the first step. Online programs can train you to become a tutor and connect with students in need, but you can also reach out to local schools and community centers, or offer assistance to youngsters in your family, neighborhood, or circle of friends.

Coach the game of life.

Career changes, medical challenges, and a myriad unexpected events can lead people to feel lost and in need of a guide. As a life coach, you can help others to set and attain measurable goals

There’s nothing wrong with following your heart.

There are many great ways to make a difference as an off-field coach. But for those of us hard-wired with an athletic mind, coaching youth sports is a great way to get exercise, connect with your community, and help local children develop lifelong skills. If baseball’s your sport, learn more about Little League and how you can help as a coach or umpire. Or try your hand (and foot) at the world’s most popular sport, and become a youth soccer coach, referee, or administrative volunteer. And if nothing gets you excited like a day on the course, you’ll find great fulfillment in helping youngsters develop their swing.

For more ideas and volunteer inspiration, try this simple search and use keywords “coach” or “mentor.”

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