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This Holiday, Connect With Family Safely and Save Invaluable Memories

This holiday season, AARP Create the Good has collaborated with Saga, whose app allows you to save family memories and connect to older loved ones, even while apart. Save the life stories of your family members in their own voices and learn new things! 

 “Mom, what is your favorite holiday memory?”

AARP Create the Good has worked with Saga to hand curate 10 great questions  to spark meaningful conversation, like: "Who has touched your life in an unexpected way?" Voice record your answers, with or without the app. The recordings are saved and shared privately with your family, so that even faraway loved ones can listen and be part of the conversation. 

The app is free and easy to use, even for your least tech-savvy relatives. Voice record, no typing needed. Family members can record even without the app, by dialing a special phone number from any phone, or you can dial them through the app. 

“Chose to listen to my mom's stories instead of Netflix. And wow. I’m learning so many things I never knew before. Thank you.”

— Lisa M., daughter

Saga is available free on iOS. Download the app here, then add the AARP Create the Good: Connect for the Holidays question pack from the Packs tab to get started.

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