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Volunteering delivers many benefits. But the key to giving back over the long term is to ensure that your volunteer work is a good match for your values, skills, and interests. That includes understanding what type of volunteer work is best suited to you. This quick assessment may give you some insight into the type of volunteer roles that could be a good fit for you.

1. You’ve volunteered to work at the local food bank. You walk in and see that the shelves are in disarray and some needed items are out of stock. You immediately:

a. Make a list of what needs to be done and consult the person in charge to help them get everyone organized and working on those tasks

b. Introduce yourself to a few other volunteers, form an impromptu committee, and start tackling the most urgent tasks

c. Identify a place where you can make a difference and go off to work on your own

2. Your favorite nonprofit is hosting a big fundraiser and ticket sales are slow. Your first instinct is to:

a. Coordinate with the nonprofit’s leadership to find out the resources they have to promote the event and put together a plan to sell more tickets

b. Call and text all of your friends to buy tickets so you can enjoy a fun evening out

c. Volunteer to work on some promotional materials in your home office

3.  You’ve been asked to get involved in a local charity. As you think about how you can best help the organization, you think about:

a. How you can guide the organization to grow in size and impact

b. Which of the people on your massive contact list might want to get involved

c. How to best apply your individual skills for the good of the organization

4. Your favorite part of volunteering is:

a. Feeling like you’ve made an impact on the organization and community

b. The connections you make with others while creating positive change

c. The personal satisfaction you get knowing exactly how your contributions made an impact

If you answered mostly As: You are a big-hearted leader. You gravitate toward roles that let you share your vision and build morale. Volunteering roles on boards or where you’re in charge of organizing may allow you to use your leadership skills and realize a vision may be most satisfying for you.

If you answered mostly Bs: You’re a social altruist. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to give back—and connect with others. You love the opportunity to meet new people, brainstorm, and collaborate when you’re working with others. You may find group volunteering activities or committees a good fit.

If you answered mostly Cs: You’re a solo contributor. You love to give back on your own terms and in your own time without other people holding you back. When someone gives you a job, it gets done. Your best fit may be skills-based or organizational support roles where you are assigned a specific project you can do on your own.

Now, it’s time to find your next volunteer role. Visit for ideas and inspiration.

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