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A Fresh Start Gives Your Community A Spark

See what you can get going in your community

Have you ever felt like you were in a bit of a rut, or like you needed a fresh start or a second chance? Sometimes, that’s all it takes for people and families to turn their fortunes around. And there are plenty of ways to inspire new beginnings for someone near you.

Whether you’re helping children, seniors or career seekers, you can bring a vital fresh start to those who need it most while giving yourself and your community a boost in the process.

Share your time, experience or wardrobe
Home is where the heart is, yet some people lack a decent, safe and affordable place to live. It’s wonderful to help build or renovate a home because there’s instant gratification—you see the results take shape. One place that relies on volunteer labor to give families a new start is Habitat for Humanity, which builds homes all over the world; ask the affiliate near you when you can start.

Music has the extraordinary power to renew, especially for those with dementia living in care facilities. Personalized playlists tap deep memories and allow them to feel like themselves again, socialize and stay present. You can volunteer to help to make people with dementia recall their best moments through organizations like Music & Memory.

Do you have a closet of professional clothing begging to be worn again? Empower someone else to get a fresh new start in the working world with Dress for Success, a global non-profit that helps disadvantaged women thrive with professional attire, a support network and other resources. Get creative with your donation drive: Try hosting a house party or a reverse yard sale where clothes arrive instead of disappear. You’ll give some good clothes a new home and help others reach their career goals.

Reading opens up a child’s world, giving them the best fresh start of all as they learn to succeed and take pride in their abilities. See if your community has a mentorship program that you can join, or start a book drive to expand your local school’s library.

Grow your community connection
Do you know someone who could use some support affording food? Help find out if they are eligible for assistance. It could change their life.

Another way to nourish your neighbors is by donating to a food pantry, or cooking for it. You can make it a one-time affair or see if family and friends want to join in and give regularly. Consider setting up a monthly commitment, or ask local shelters or places of worship if they have drop-off locations or existing projects that you can easily step into.

Get your fresh start by giving back
No matter your interests, let your passion lead you in your service—and start with Create The Good, where you can find volunteer opportunitiesthat rejuvenate your community and fit you perfectly.

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Getting started

Want to help give others (and yourself) a boost but don’t know how to get your project off the ground? Our guide for project organizers gives you the best practices for service success.

Help a pet get a leg up

Adopting or providing some much-needed playtime is a simple way to give animals a second chance—and to increase the affection in your life. Contact a shelter near you to see how you can make a new four-legged friend.