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Load Up the Volunteer Caravan

Voluntourism is as popular as ever, but instead of going it alone or just taking one friend, what if you gathered up a group, enjoyed each others company and multiplied your impact? It could be overseas, over the border, or just down the road, but no matter where you roam, familiar faces will be there.

Your mission. So of course you’ll accept it. 
When you plan to volunteer as a group, the experience is entirely up to you. You pick the time, place, breadth and depth of responsibilities. You could plan a summer mission trip for area teens, bolster an upcoming trip with your place of worship, or pitch an entirely new idea if you have enough volunteers.

Work in some play time. 
With friends and family in your group, your plan may include, or even center on, a social element. Plan a road trip to help rebuild houses. Retired or otherwise enjoying a flexible schedule? Consider dropping everything to help out with disaster relief in an area of need. You could also band together with Soldiers’ Angels to organize lunches and visit veterans at your local VA. At the end of your service day, you can take time to connect and bond with your group over a shared dinner, activities and games.

Go big. Or stay home. 
Feeling ambitious and particularly adventurous? You and your group of five or more can embark on an overseas expedition customized to your members’ goals. Choose from over 35 programs around the world with International Volunteer HQ. If you’re group is up for travel but would prefer to keep it between the coasts, pick a domestic destination and find the nearest food bank where you can help out. Multiple federal agencies also offer group volunteer opportunities. You can also make a difference in your own backyard by hosting a fundraising dinner party, taking a nature walk together and picking up any trash you see along the way, or joining forces to spread cheer at your local senior center.

No matter how you and your friends decide to volunteer, you’ll be able to reminisce whenever you get together. And that first event could spark a tradition that ensures you’ll make a difference together for years to come.

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