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Make Your Volunteer Hours Count

Whether you volunteer at a local soup kitchen, help clean up a neighborhood park or give time to your school’s PTA, you are giving where it counts – the community you live in every day.

1. Find a Cause You Are Passionate About

If you are giving your time, make sure it is something that you feel passionate about. Love animals? Try volunteering at your local animal shelter. Love being outside? Help clean up a local park. Feel strongly about fighting hunger in your community? Give your time at a local food bank. You can find a wide variety of volunteer opportunities here.

2. Learn Something New

Create the Good has amazing Do-It-Yourself Guides to help you learn how to try something new while volunteering. Whether you want to run a food drive, clean up a river or hold a coat drive…our DIY guides have you covered!

3. Stay Healthy!

We all know that volunteering can help make our communities stronger…but did you know that it can also make you happier? It’s true! Research has shown that when you volunteer, you feel happier and stay healthier. Your volunteering can make for a healthier community and a healthier you!

4. Broaden Your Horizons

Many volunteer opportunities allow you ‘go global’ with your efforts. These ‘voluntourism’ opportunities offer chances to broaden your horizon and try something new. Travel can also spur physical activity and mental planning while providing you different perspectives—literally and figuratively—on life.

5. Reward Yourself!

If all that isn’t enough to get you out in your community doing good, the farm families who own Cabot encourage volunteerism through the Reward Volunteers program. It is a free, easy way to find volunteer opportunities in your area, track the time you spend volunteering and earn rewards for yourself and for the organizations you serve. There are wonderful prizes from KIND snacks, Dansko and Seventh Generation, plus you can win cash for your organization! Learn more about how Reward Volunteers works here.

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