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Make Volunteering a Group Event

Volunteering can be even more fun when you recruit your friends to help. Group volunteering often requires a little more planning and coordination than solo efforts, but here are some ways you and your pals can spend time together and give back.

1.      Take on a community project

Your town or region may need some help. Have you noticed a park or downtown area that might need sprucing up? Perhaps a big space where your group could paint a mural? Or maybe the local library could use extra hands during its annual book sale? Look around you and notice the opportunities to make a difference. You could also contact your municipality to see if they have any suggestions. Start with the clerk’s office and go from there.

2.      Contact local nonprofits

Reach out to the charities in your community that your group admires. A local food bank might need help at an upcoming food drive or an organization that deals with housing insecurity might need a team to paint an apartment for a client. Check out the nonprofit’s website and social media profiles to see the kinds of events they run, then contact them and see how you and your pals can help.

3.      Help staff a fundraiser

Nonprofit organizations often have fundraisers ranging from formal galas to fun golf outings. They often rely on volunteers to help check in participants, staff auctions or raffle ticket sales, or just provide some support for the event’s many details. Your group’s spirit and camaraderie could also provide a dose of fun and positive energy at the event.

4.      Participate in a fun run, walk, or ride

Virtually every weekend, communities nationwide have fun runs, walk-a-thons, bike rides, and other activities designed to raise money for charities and causes. Get a group of your friends together and sign up to participate. You’ll get some exercise, support a worthy cause, and have a great excuse to grab a meal or treat together after the event.

5.      Organize a drive

If you can’t find an existing activity that fits the bill, why not organize a drive to support a local nonprofit? Your group could collect everything from school supplies to coats to food. Then, get together and organize the items you collected to deliver to the charity. Learn more about how to plan it here. You can also check out for more ideas. 

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