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Volunteering Doesn't Get Much Easier

Looking for a way to volunteer using the skills you’ve already have? Now you can make a difference simply by talking or texting on your phone. A handful of innovative services are now available to help you Create the Good for people in crisis, and make a meaningful impact on lives around the country.

Text for change. 
(Volunteer Commitment: 4-hour shifts, plus training)

More than 15 million text messages have been exchanged with the help of the Crisis Text Line. If you’re a good listener and like to text, you may have found your volunteer calling. The Crisis Text Line offers free, 24/7 support for those facing a crisis and provides qualified counselors with all necessary training. Volunteers range from full-time students, to veterans and retirees, and come from every ethnicity and all walks of life. However, the process is very selective (only 30% of applicants become counselors). Want to give it a try? Learn more.

Talk about important. 
(Volunteer Commitment: Flexible shifts, plus training)

Connect better by phone? There are plenty of opportunities to make a meaningful difference voice to voice. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides critical counseling services through more than 150 crisis centers across America. You can find the nearest location and more information about training and volunteering here.

Spread the good news. 
(Volunteer Commitment: 15+minutes/day) If you have a specific non-profit organization you’d like to support, phone banking (or using your phone to gather data, inspire volunteers or encourage donations) is one way you can contribute with minimal training and time investment. The Humane Society is one organization that relies on phone bankers, but any organization that interests you may have opportunities to volunteer.

Help your candidate win. 
(Volunteer Commitment: 15+minutes/day)

Political officials and candidates need phone volunteers to help them spread their message, answer questions and make sure they have all the necessary information about how to vote. If there’s a cause or a candidate you believe in, there’s likely a way to help. Common Cause can help you find your elected officials.

Put your neighbor in your smartphone. 
(Volunteer Commitment: Minimal/Ongoing)

Do you know people on your street who live alone? Reach out to them to ensure they have an emergency plan. Older residents may need help fixing a pipe or cutting a felled tree. Or perhaps they’ll need a ride to the doctor, clean water to drink or gas for their generator. Exchange phone numbers with your neighbors and offer to be of assistance. Or better yet, organize a phone tree to get your entire neighborhood on the same page.

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Make tough choices easier for family and friends.

Advanced directives like living wills and healthcare powers of attorney take very little time to create, save hours of time when loved ones need it most, and make it significantly easier for patients to carry out their wishes. Volunteer to help someone prepare one today.

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