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Draw Volunteer Inspiration from the Next Generation

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Born in Manchester, Connecticut in 1996, Alexandra “Alex” Scott was not quite one year old when she was diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer. At age 4, as she continued to fight the disease with courage and determination, she raised over $2,000 for childhood cancer research from a lemonade stand in her front yard. By 2004, the year in which she passed away, Alex had helped to raise over $1 million. And with growing support, the foundation has continued to “make lemons into lemonade” raising over $150 million, funding more than 800 research projects and providing resources to individuals and families affected by the disease. There are several ways in which to get involved, including starting your own lemonade stand.

The Ladybug Foundation

Hannah Taylor of Winnipeg, Manitoba was just 5 years old when she witnessed a man eating out of a garbage can on a frozen winter day. She was immediately filled with sadness, and questions. “If everyone shared what they had, could that cure homelessness?” By age 8, Hannah had founded The Ladybug Foundation, and had become the innocent face of the homeless, seeing their plight with the clarity of a child and speaking out for them across Canada, and elsewhere in the world. Hannah has spoken to more than 175 schools, organizations and events, to groups as large as 16,000. Through her efforts, over $3 million has been raised to assist projects across Canada providing shelter, food and safety for homeless people. You can help The Ladybug Foundation directly, or find ways to help people struggling in your own community.

Positive Impact for Kids

Born with Aortic Valve Stenosis, a heart condition that narrows the aortic valve, Leanne Joyce developed into a competitive swimmer, gymnast and nationally ranked jump roper before receiving her diagnosis at the age of 12. Devastated by learning she would no longer be able to compete in sports, she remembered receiving a gift in the hospital one month earlier from her friends. The stress relieving impact of this thoughtful gesture inspired her to focus her time and energy on helping others, and in 2011 she formed Positive Impact for Kids. As of 2018, the organization has raised over $138,000, making donations to 115 hospitals and helping them meet the needs of pediatric patients by providing distraction and tools for education and socialization.

Find even more inspiration for volunteering in your community with this local volunteer search tool.

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