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Volunteer and nonprofit organizations make a profound difference in their communities. And when they work together or partner with public institutions or businesses, the impact of the partnership can be greater than the sum of the parts. Here are just a few examples.

Exploring the private/nonprofit partnership

The folks at analyzed the mutual benefits of joint ventures between for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations. For the for-profit business, the venture helps them realize lower costs, reduced regulatory restrictions, improved public relations and new market penetration and sales. For the nonprofit, their organization often receives an uptick in financial return, marketing and brand equity and a more profound social impact. Read more about it, including theoretical examples, here.

Improving nonprofit collaboration

If you’re considering collaboration as a means to increase impact, the Council of Nonprofits has 5 tips to help you make the most of your partnership. These words of wisdom include a reminder to focus on what you do best, while partnering for the rest, working together to define and articulate shared goals, building a currency of trust through honesty, embracing mistakes as learning opportunities, and accepting that there will inevitably be some conflict between organizations along the way. Learn more about the benefits of collaboration here.

The public-private-veteran partnership

If two organizations combining forces can create more good, imagine the impact of combining three! The Illinois Joining Forces organization is a collaborative, public-private partnership that promotes growth and wellness initiatives for service members, veterans and their families. The organization is small, but their impact is large, and their model can serve as a framework for a public-private partnership of you own.

The benefits of volunteering to help grow skills and discover new job opportunities

There are many positive outcomes related to volunteering, and volunteer partnerships, and an increased overall community impact is just one. By teaming up with another organization, you’ll grow your social and business network, strengthen your workplace culture, increase and diversify your workforce skillset, and create opportunities that build self-confidence and reduce stress.

Find a volunteer organization with which to collaborate in your community today using this simple volunteer search.

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