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Nursing , Hospice and Skilled Volunteers Lead the Charge in 2016

Increases in demand for certain volunteer fields can easily be explained by population growth. But other factors like weather and human behavior are driving demand in 2016. With the right professional background or personality, this could be your year to find a perfect fit.

Calling all healthcare professionals

The American Red Cross counts on volunteers for up to 90% of their workforce. And as disaster impacts and incidents continue to rise, so too does the demand for skilled healthcare professionals including nurses. As the American Nurses Association states “the time to get prepared and be ready to volunteer is not when the disaster occurs, but before it strikes. Any registered nurse who believes that he/she will want to respond at the time of a disaster should pre-register with one of the many disaster registries and response organizations that already exist.”

There are opportunities to serve in other ways that might not be available in your current role. As a healthcare professional you could offer your experience to other patient populations or in different forms of direct care. You may not have realized that you can use your specialized skills and experience to serve an at-need community or organization.

Search for volunteer nursing opportunities at local medical centers and national organizations.

Hospice. Volunteering with dignity

For patient, compassionate individuals who seek fulfillment on a deep, personal and emotional level. Volunteering for hospice can be exceptionally rewarding. Demand for hospice care volunteers is at an all-time high, and continues to grow as more families choose this method of care to help their loved ones find comfort in their final days. According to more than 400,000 trained volunteers provide more than 19 million hours of service every year. Each hospice employs a screening process and training program for volunteers, so even if you’ve already completed a program, you may be required to undergo additional training if you volunteer with a new organization.

Search hospice volunteer opportunities in your area.

Pro Bono on the rise

All volunteering opportunities require some level of talent and dedication, but pro bono volunteering allows you to make a significant impact on an individual, or within an organization, by leveraging your highly developed professional skills. According to the National Council of Nonprofits, pro bono volunteering is on the rise, particularly for nonprofit organizations that rely on these services to help minimize the strain on their budgets. Ideal for retired professionals, these opportunities allow you to match your skills with causes you believe in. Many report finally attaining the level of fulfillment as a pro bono volunteer that they were always striving for in their professional careers.

Use keyword “pro bono” on our quick tool to find an inspiring volunteer opportunity today.

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