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Some people just have a natural talent or passion for the written word. If you love to put pen to paper—or fingertips to keyboard—you can use that ability to create positive change. Whether you’re writing truth to power or sending a heartwarming message to a solider overseas, your words hold power. Here’s how to use them wisely—and kindly.

Support our troops

For military members who are far away from home, a simple note of thanks can mean so much. Join A Million Thanks, Soldiers’ Angels or Support Our Troops to make a real difference in a hero’s day. You don’t have to be a professional writer—just send a card or letter from your heart.

Write a letter that matters

A number of organizations have letter-writing and card-making programs for various purposes. Women can write meaningful letters to girls. Write to people who are dealing with mental illness. Write to sick children or isolated seniors. Or write to protect human rights.

Fight for a cause

Has an injustice got you fired up? Channel that energy into words to make a difference. If the issue can be solved or helped by government intervention, write to your appropriate representative. You can also write a letter to the editor of the appropriate newspaper or website to help inform the public about what you want to change and why.

Leave a positive review

Did a small business go the extra mile? Did you get great service from a local restaurant? Write a positive online review to help spread the word. Such reviews can truly help a small business shine—and make the hardworking people at the business feel great. Many businesses also have options to leave feedback or contact the management team directly, so think about sending a note and sharing your experience.

Help a nonprofit write it out

Charitable organizations often need help with writing tasks, including newsletters, press releases, social media copy, fundraising letters, and others. If you like to write, these may be projects you can complete at home in your spare time, while providing an important service for a time-strapped organization. In addition to Create the Good, CatchafirePoints of Light Institute, and the Taproot Foundation all match skilled professionals with nonprofits that need them. And this provides opportunities to interact with others at the organization.

Get social

Do you have an active social media following on Facebook? Are you an Instagram or LinkedIn pro? Use your social media profiles for good. Share good news and uplifting messages. You’ll offer your friends a welcome respite from the noise.

Are you looking for more ways to volunteer your writing skills? Visit and search for “writing.”

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