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Be a Voice, and a Force, for the LGBTQ+ Community

Looking for ways to help support the LGBTQ+ community? These ideas can springboard your volunteer efforts.

Show your pride. 
Pride festivals and parades are often scheduled to coincide with LGBTQ+ Pride Month in June. At the Human Rights Campaign website, you can search for events by state and volunteer to help with organizing or executing a local event, or simply show your support for the movement by attending a festival with a few friends.

Share the love overseas. 
Several organizations give volunteers the opportunity to support the LGBTQ+ community as a voluntourist. With, you can work with other open-minded individuals in the fields of education, arts and professional development in any of 17 countries. And there’s no long-term commitment as trips usually last just one or two weeks.

Aim for The Center. 
If you’re looking to get involved in the fight for LGBT equality and civil rights, or know someone who needs more information or support, The Center is one place to start. Here you can get information on upcoming legislation and advocacy opportunities, comprehensive family and community resources and direct volunteer opportunities within the organization.

Give the homeless a helping hand. 
Approximately 40% of homeless youth in America identify as LGBTQ+. And as the National Coalition for the Homeless points out, these youngsters face social stigma, discrimination, and often rejection from their families. This adds to the physical and mental challenges homelessness already presents. You can get involved by contributing food, clothing or raising money. Learn more about homelessness and educate your family, friends and neighbors. Or volunteer at a local agency by sharing your creative, physical or business skills.

Touch every generation. 
Since 1998, the Trevor Project has provided crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ community youth aged 13-24. You can make sure friends and family have access to their resources, or get involved by doing as little as signing up for email updates to engaging in one of their many volunteer initiatives. Prefer to focus your volunteer efforts on helping LGBT seniors? The SAGE organization holds a monthly volunteer orientation at their center in New York City. A wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available, including friendly visiting, event support, clerical assistance and more.

For more ideas and inspiration, try this simple search and keyword “LGBTQ.”

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