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Today, many of us carry devices that allow us to communicate in all sorts of ways with the world. Whether you have a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, laptop, or other device that you use to connect with friends and family, you can leverage it to improve the lives of others. Here are some ways to do so.

Help others make a digital connection.

While using hardware, software, apps, and similar technologies may come naturally to some, others might find these tools confusing and intimidating. If you know someone struggling with technology, take some time to teach them safe and secure internet access, and guide them in using tools like video conferencing platforms and social media to connect with loved ones. Consider teaching a class on safe online connectivity at your local library or through a nonprofit or senior center. The ability to connect virtually is crucial for preventing social isolation, especially during winter months when getting out and socializing is more challenging. 

Be a positive messenger. 

Transform your social media channels into sources of good news and helpful information. Create your own 'good news' channel on Facebook or TikTok. By sharing positive information about topics you care about, community events, and other items, your social media can become a feel-good resource for others.

Help others through apps.

There are apps designed to assist volunteers in making a positive impact and helping others. Access News allows people to record current news, magazines, circulars, and other items of interest, making them more accessible to those who experience vision loss. If you’re a fitness buff, Charity Miles lets you earn money for charity with every mile you run, walk, or cycle. Be My Eyes connects volunteers with people who have vision impairments, allowing the volunteer to assist by sharing what they see through their device cameras.

Find and cultivate virtual volunteer opportunities.

Using technology to volunteer from a distance and assist your favorite nonprofits in identifying virtual volunteer opportunities benefits both nonprofits and the audiences they serve. You can use your technology to volunteer in various ways, including teaching, mentoring, preserving history, and more. For instance, AARP Foundation Experience Corps offers older adults the opportunity to serve as virtual tutors, helping school-age students become better readers.

To find more tech-focused opportunities in your community or online, explore this volunteer search tool or view virtual opportunities on