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Travel with Purpose

Connecting to Good, Wherever You Go

Do you spend your winters in warmer states or plan extended visits with friends and family?. There are a ton of ways to link up with local organizations or volunteers to help out in your home away from home. Have you always wanted to travel abroad? Bring your English-speaking skills to the classroom by helping out in English as a Second Language courses. Or if you’re organizing a volunteer project back home—don’t let time away delay your project planning.

With Create the Good, you can easily turn any trip into a rewarding volunteer experience. No matter where you travel or how long you stay, Create the Good is your very own volunteer home away from home.

Look Before Leaping

Not ready to plan a two-week volunteer vacation a half-a-world away? That’s okay—plenty of volunteering opportunities can fit with plans you’ve already made. Create the Good helps you get started in a new place. Log on to get volunteer ideas, make connections or find existing opportunities. A good deed could be as small as lending a helping hand to a neighboring vacationer.

If you’ll be in a new place for a while, try organizing a service project—and use Create the Good as your hub. Planning an event is a great way to meet new people in a new place, and Create the Good has hundreds of thousands of volunteers you haven’t met yet! Plus, planning a volunteering event around something you enjoy is a sure way to meet those with similar interests.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

This isn’t about turning a vacation into a chore. It’s about re-energizing in ways that don’t necessarily involve lounge chairs or tour buses. So choose the option that’s the right size for you. You can turn the whole trip into a volunteer experience (like manning a lighthouse), set aside one day ( like helping on a Habitat for Humanity project), or just do something quick. No matter what you choose, you’ll add purpose to your trip—and feel good doing it.

Transform a Trip with “Voluntourism”
Ready to teach children, track climate change or save an endangered species? Study up first to get the most purpose for your penny. Peter Greenberg’s video has the basics, and we’ve got veteran volunteer vacationer stories here. And take a look at this inspiring audio report!

Vacation Over? Don't Fret-Keep Sharing!

If you volunteer on your next trip, don’t keep it to yourself. Those people planning reunions will want to see those photos of your family volunteering. Snowbirds will want to know what you did to help your wintertime community. And everyone will be interested in your trip abroad.

Share your stories online at Create the Good. The next time someone searches our site for volunteering-on-the-go opportunities, they just might find yours.