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Whether you’re a classically trained musician or dancer or simply love to make crafts in your spare time, your skills can benefit your community and others in a variety of ways. From teaching dance to seniors at the community center to hosting a videoconference about how to sketch for a local school, your talent, skill, and ability can open up new worlds of creativity for others.

Teach a class

If you’re comfortable enough in your craft, you could give back by teaching what you know. Whether you are comfortable with in-person classes that abide by safety protocols, or you prefer to teach virtually, you can help others learn what you know. A virtual sketch class might be a great option for a senior center or, if you know how to teach a musical instrument, you could donate classes to children in need.

Support arts education

Arts education, both in the schools and programs through nonprofits like museums, often need volunteers to help staff events, teach classes, lead tours, and help out in other ways. Contact your school district or local arts nonprofits to find out what they need and how you can help.

Perform near or from afar

Have a little experience doing standup comedy or playing music for others? Many groups seek entertainers, especially to help groups dealing with social isolation, such homes for people with disabilities, rehabilitation centers, or assisted living facilities. Even if you don’t play an instrument yourself, you could volunteer to be DJ for a day and bring music that will get people dancing.

Make and donate

If you’re good at knitting, sewing, or crocheting, there are also opportunities to give back. Use your crafty skills to work and donate a blanket or two to Project Linus in support of helping children in need. Wool Works can help you meet local knitting needs with a site that lets you scroll and search by state. Think about painting rocks to spread joy in your community or constructing pet toys for your local shelter from items in your home. There are many ways you can put your artistic talents to beneficial use.

Start a community project

Your project can be as big as your imagination. Plan a community mural project to beautify your downtown or work with your neighbors and local musicians to plan a Porchfest in your town. You may want to collaborate with local officials and nonprofits to ensure that you remain in compliance with local ordinances. However, you choose to use it, your talent can brighten the lives of others, as well as your community overall.