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Spread the Love

Volunteering ideas from the heart

Chocolates and flowers aren’t the only signs of love on Valentine’s Day. You can also show affection through service and generosity.

Pets, families, children, nutrition and more—with so many ways to make a difference, volunteering and Valentine’s Day is a match made in heaven.

Help families de-stress

You may not have to look far to find a family in need. Some of your own neighbors could use a trip to the grocery store, a hot meal or even the help of a handyman. Create a caring community network to keep local bonds strong.

Military families make sacrifices daily, and you can help ease their burden. Whether it’s running errands or helping with babysitting, you can support those who are separated from their loved ones because of military service.

You can also support our troops’ love of reading by sending them books. You don’t need all romance novels to promote a love of literature: The books that you and others contribute to a used book sale can also help fund local community programs.

Fight hunger with heart

The quickest way to a community’s heart is, well, through its stomach. Show your community members the love by keeping them fed and healthy.

Start or join a community garden to help local pantries stay stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables. Organize a food driveHelp a family in needaccess public benefit programs or offer them a box of monthly groceries. They will adore you for it.

Show kids you care

A little love goes a long way for kids, and their gratitude will warm your heart. Try volunteering for story time at your local library, starting an after school arts program, donating your time at a homework hotline or any of the other ideas you’ll find right here at Create The Good.

Some kids might need even more help. Consider providing emotional support for grieving youth in your community. Help grant the wish of an ill child; Make-A-Wish and other wish-granting organizations allow you to make a difference in the lives of children facing illness, stress and isolation.

Discover a pet project

Our furry friends show affection to us in so many ways, so why not return the love?

An over-worked neighbor might have a lonely pet that could use companionship or a walk. And the animals at shelters would welcome your attention. Volunteer to take them for a walk or playtime, or give them basic gifts such as collars, food, beds, toys and leashes.

Search our network of opportunities for “animals,” “pets,” “cats” or “dogs.” Google “cat care volunteer” and prepare for a huge variety of adorable opportunities.

And the love of animals goes both ways. Therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers make people’s lives better by visiting nursing homes and hospitals. Check out the American Kennel Club for a list of over 100 therapy dog training programs and organizations across the country that provide screening and educational material for volunteers and their dogs.

Find your match

There’s nothing like volunteering to ignite a spark of affection in a family, friend or an entire community. Search for opportunities you’ll love close to you.

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