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Volunteer virtually during coronavirus

The Coronavirus has changed how we go about our daily lives. If you’re feeling restless about spending extra time inside, now is the perfect time to explore volunteer opportunities from home. Whether you’re under a mandatory quarantine or just taking appropriate precautions by limiting social interaction, consider volunteer opportunities you can do virtually from the comfort of home.

Find the perfect fit, anywhere in the world

Volunteers today come in many forms. Most people imagine an in-person volunteer working in a community—whether cleaning up a park, holding a clothing drive or bringing a meal to a nursing home. But giving your time to a good cause can include more than being physically on site—and in an increasingly digital world, being “in person” isn’t required.

Don’t have a car or a ride to get to the volunteering site? Can’t snag a sitter for young ones at home? Create the Good has you covered, helping you help others and your community right from your own home.

Every day, volunteers across the country lend a hand virtually, from computers, tablets, phones and other mobile devices. All you need is Internet access—and sometimes, just a phone.

Find Volunteer Opportunities

What’s your niche?

First, think about what it is that you can offer others. Can you provide that skill across the web? The way your talents translate virtually may surprise you.

For example, do you know how to build or update a website? Are you fluent in the language of computer coding or programming? Lend your skills to a nonprofit, effort or charity doing work you believe in. Organizations such as can help you put your technology or computer skills to use for nonprofits and NGOs.

Are you a grammar whiz or love to write? Foundations and nonprofits are always trying to get the word out about their mission and their work. Offer to help with outreach to potential donors, fundraising or grant writing and editing. Or help the organization keep a blog or social media feeds updated.

The list goes on! Who are you?

  • A good listener? Offer you ear and emotional support by staffing a crisis hotline.
  • An attorney? Offer to give free legal advice to NGOs.
  • A teacher? Depending on your instructional area, teach education courses online, create curricula, mentor a young person via Skype or give free webinars.
  • Fluent in another language? There are many groups worldwide that could use help with translations—and individuals and staff who could benefit from language training.
  • An administrative guru? You can do many admin tasks from your own computer, like answering emails, for understaffed nonprofits.
  • A research savvy scholar? Help with analysis, data entry, research or database maintenance or construction.

Consider your passion

Once you have a good feel for what it is you can offer, ask yourself what you’re most passionate about—and then what organizations can benefit most from your skills. What’s convenient about being a virtual volunteer is every organization across the world is at your fingertips. No matter your abilities, you’re bound to find one with the mission—and needs—perfectly suited for you.

How do you find the perfect virtual fit? If you don’t have an organization already in mind, there are plenty of volunteer matching sites with national and global opportunities:

  • The World Volunteer Web is the hub for information and resources on the online, worldwide volunteer community.
  • UNV Online Volunteering is a service by United Nations Volunteers that connects individual volunteers with organizations working for sustainable human development around the world.
  • Volunteer Match links volunteers to virtual opportunities both in nearby communities and across the globe.
  • is a great search tool for locating volunteer opportunities with a nonprofit focus—and you can search by location, focus area, schedule and more.
  • allows you to volunteer for any cause, from anywhere, at any time.

The world is your volunteering oyster!

Want to sew clothing for disadvantaged children in India? Or help a nonprofit carry out a social mission in Taiwan? Or perhaps you know of a graphic design company doing great work in India?

Today’s technology truly does allow you to connect to good from wherever you are. With the click of a button, you can find the perfect opportunity with a cause dear to you. Virtual volunteering is an ideal way to extend your altruistic reach across the globe, learning more about other cultures and making an impact on communities far away.

Explore these virtual volunteer opportunities:

Help Record Audiobooks!

Learning Ally, formerly Recording For the Blind & Dyslexic, seeks volunteers to help with the audiobook recording process. We especially need computer-literate volunteers willing to help with Quality Control procedures, but articulate readers of various areas of expertise are always welcome.

Virtual Classes: Subject of your Choice!

Lead a virtual class for homebound seniors on a topic of your interest (history, news, exercise, art/music appreciation, health, other) right from your computer! All you need is a topic, one hour and computer with a webcam (we'll supply the login).  Flexible day, evening or weekend scheduling.

Virtual Opportunity to Read with Kids with VELLO Online Reading Program 

The VELLO reading program offers volunteers an easy way to read with kids and make a big impact. No previous teaching or tutoring experience is required! Volunteers will provide 1:1 reading support for 30min each week to 1st- 3rd grade students in Maricopa County. You can volunteer from anywhere with an Internet connection; office/work place, home, smart phone, laptop, PC, etc. 25 minute online training and online background check. No experience necessary! Choose your own schedule!

Executive Director (Remote/Virtual) 

Disability Partnerships is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the quality of life for persons with physical disabilities. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the organization. Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. The position reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Child Recruitment-Project Development Opportunity 

A Family For Every Child is committed to finding permanent and loving adoptive families for waiting foster children.  We are looking for a volunteer or intern to help create a streamlined process to request, schedule and implement child recruitment services. If you are interested in digging into social work this might be for you. We are looking to invest in someone who can commit to working with us for one year. The work can be done from anywhere. Build your resume by working with a nationally known organization.

Law Assistant 

the Lies is a non-profit that needs a Remote Volunteer to assist with legal research. Learn more about our mission here: You may help with one or more of the following: Providing legal knowledge on how to get MRI technology-based lie-detection accepted in court; preparing and following step-by-step instructions to follow Frye and Daubert criteria; and supporting findings with extensive legal research.

Become an AARP Digital Fraud Fighter

Help raise awareness of the latest scams targeting people of all ages with an emphasis on the 50+!  Digital Fraud Fighters utilize fraud content shared by the AARP National Fraud Team to broadcast information across a multitude of digital platforms.  Reliable phone, internet access and an email address are required.

Content Creator

The Give Study Foundation is in need of content creators for our nonprofit. This would entail creating study guides for the MCAT through outlines of biological, chemical, physical, mathematics, and/or other STEM related topics. You could determine your time commitment . A previous background in the STEM field is desired but not required.

Virtual Office Manager Volunteer Position 

Volunteer Assistance to the Vulnerable is looking for a virtual office manager. That is a non-paid independent contract worker, who will provide administrative, creative, or technical services. That position may transform to a paid-position as soon as our company becomes sustainable. The worker will handle the same tasks as an office secretary, or manager, but will do it at home. We may provide reimbursement for using personal equipment.

Thank the Troops

Help the USO send messages of support to service members.

Become an Online Virtual Tutor 

Volunteer through Learn to Be, which brings online tutoring to underserved youth around the nation.  

Search for more opportunities

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Is virtual volunteering right for you?

From flexibility to expanded horizons, there are many clear advantages to volunteering virtually. It could be a perfect fit for:

  • Those with busy schedules or time sensitivities and who need flexible scheduling
  • Those who care for young children and who need to stay home
  • Those without a vehicle or who experience other transportation or mobility challenges
  • Those who want to volunteer outside their own community, state or even country

Don’t have a computer or internet access?

Don’t worry—sometimes all you need is a phone to put your time toward good. Man a domestic violence hotline or suicide call center. Organize or manage donation drive pickups. Or simply pick up the phone and call a senior in isolation.

Curious about the credibility of an online organization?

Read Give Back Wisely about smart giving
to make sure your time and donations are doing the most good.