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There’s a reason cat and dog videos dominate the Internet. The mere sight of these loveable creatures brings joy to people of every age. And if you like animals as much as you like to volunteer, you’ll love some of these ways to give back to your community.

Help amplify the bark by speaking up and taking action with the ASPCA. From urging your congressional representatives to prioritize animal safety, to joining the Detox revolution by weaning your pets off of factory-farmed food, there are lots of ways you can take action without leaving home

As a volunteer with Canine Companions for Independence or Guide Dogs for America you can support their efforts to provide assistance dogs, free of charge, to program recipients. And raising service pups at home is one of many great opportunities.

Want to become a pet’s forever family? Check with your local shelter for adoption opportunities, or visit who’s helped place over 860,000 animals in permanent homes. Many local shelters have made it easier to find and adopt a pet, like this virtual visitation and drive-through adoption program from the Animal Humane Society.

Taking your pet for a neighborhood walk? Wear gloves and bring an extra bag to fill with garbage found along your path. Then take even further action by sorting your haul to identify compostables and recyclables. Learn more about that from the EPA.

And if you’re looking for a crafting idea you can do at home, consider putting together a foster kit for animals in need. Order items from your favorite pet store online—think pet bed, collar, a bag of food, some toys and a leash (if it’s a dog), or kitty litter (if it’s a cat). Then contact a local shelter to find out where you can ship it or when to drop it off.

Discover more volunteer opportunities in your local community with this simple volunteer search, and enter keyword “animals” or “pets.”

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