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5 Groups of Community Thinkers. 5 Ways to Say Thanks

They've inspired you, protected you, and maybe even saved your life. The holidays are a great time to show community helpers just how much you care. Here are a few simple ideas to get your started.

Nurses and first responders

They balance compassion and expertise in a way that few can. To thank nurses and first responders for all they do, put pen to paper in a handwritten note. Share personal examples of a job well done – like the little things they did to show they care. The Cleveland Clinic even has a way for patients to send messages online – so check with your local medical center to see if that’s an option.

Military personnel

Our service members make significant sacrifices, and showing your support can go a long way. A Million Thanks makes it easy to show your appreciation with letters to active, reserve and veteran military. Know a veteran or two making a difference in your town? Nominate them for the chance to win a cruise or up to $1,000 in the 2018 Honoring Heroescontest. Or get the whole family involved in making a difference by preparing care packages for our service members abroad. Support our Troops can show what to include and where to send packages when you’re done.

Police force

Your local police force is dedicated to protecting your community and family. If you feel safe in the places where you live and work, chances are it has a lot to do with these brave men and women. There are plenty of ways you can show your appreciation. Start by dropping by your local police station with a fresh plate of baked goods. You can even start a neighborhood watch program to help make their job a little easier.


This heroic team is ready to spring into action anytime someone needs their help. Let your local firefighters know you’re there for them too – bring a home-cooked meal to the station or have the kids in your life paint a ‘thank you’ poster. You can even volunteer to join them. Did you know that seven out of ten firefighters are volunteers? Just something to think about.


These community helpers make special connections with our youngest generations – and ensure they have the tools they need to succeed. Help a teacher by volunteering your time as a classroom aide, after-school tutor or mentor. It’s a unique way to give thanks and make an impact on our future at the same time.

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