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Financial Security

Get Smart on Financial Security

Develop New Skills in 5 Minutes, an Hour or a Week
Volunteering is one of the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective ways to develop new life or employment skills.

Help Others Become More Financially Secure

You don’t have to be a financial expert to help members of your community land their first jobs, advance their careers, or make more informed retirement plan choices.

Branch Out and Build Your Resume
Thinking about a totally different career, but don’t know where to start? Volunteering gives you the flexibility to try anything, and just about everything, with little to no risk—all while turning yourself into a more marketable you.

Fraudulent Activity? Not on Your Watch!

Here's a look at some of the most active fraud scams in the country today.

Connect Job Seekers to Careers

Act as an ally and help job seekers prepare for careers.

Help Others Outsmart Investment Fraud

Plan an investor protection workshop or documentary viewing to help protect yourself and others from investment fraud.

Organize a Shredding Event

Protect your community from financial fraud with this great event.

Help a Child Learn Financial Literacy

Help today's youth learn money management skills with this dynamic financial literacy program.

Help Spot Medicare Fraud

Help your loved ones identify and recognize the "red flags" that come along with identity theft and Medicare fraud.

Operation Fight Fraud

Help educate your loved ones and community on the risks of consumer fraud with this Do it Yourself guide.

How to Spot a Free Lunch Scam

Older investors are major targets of fraudulent investment offers. Help keep your loved ones safe from fraudulent practices and products with these tools and tricks.

How to Help Others Save While Shopping

Want to save a buck or two? We want that for you too!

Help Someone Access Public Benefit Programs

Educate those in your community on the financial help they can receive by accessing public benefit programs.

Fraudulent Activity? Not on Your watch!

We have information to help you stay one step ahead of scam “artists” and tips for keeping your community informed and prepared.

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Get Started Now

Use these guides to start your own project to help others learn the basics of financial security.