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Health and Safety

Be Good, Do Good, Feel Good Projects

Help a Neighborhood Avoid Disaster
To offset the potential for devastating physical and financial loss, preparation is the best preventive measure.

Home Safe Home: Simple Safety Steps to Take Now
Here are 25 tips you can use in your own home to help prevent accidents and mitigate other risks - or share with others to make their homes safer.  

Improve Accessibility to Give Others Greater Independence
 Here’s how you can volunteer to give others the freedom to experience more.

Find Reputable Charities in Crisis Zones
Use these tips to find charities that will help alleviate suffering all over the world.

Spread the Word, Not the Virus
How to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Smart Ways to volunteer for Brain Health
There are two ways to think about promoting brain health: taking care of your own and volunteering to help others. Here are a few ideas to help with both.

Expect the Unexpected as a Disaster Preparedness and Response Volunteer
Natural disasters, and some made directly by humans, are becoming stronger, lasting longer and occurring more frequently than ever. As a volunteer, you can help in a variety of ways—from educating yourself and others and helping communities prepare, to responding directly and helping neighborhoods rebuild.

Volunteer to Help Improve Mental Health Awareness
Here are 5 ways to provide support and raise awareness.

Make a Difference as a Disaster Relief Volunteer
Mother Nature has always brought her share of surprises, but their impact, and frequency are on the rise. You can help make a difference in the lives of those affected by disasters.

Giving from the Heart Pays Back in Spades
As a volunteer, you not only have the opportunity to improve your community. there are also multiple benefits you can receive in return.

Get in the Habit of Helping Others Kick Theirs

If you, a friend or a family member has been affected by drug or alcohol addiction, you can be particularly helpful as a volunteer.

Health is Our Greatest Wealth
A healthy community is a happy—and caring—community. And it's easy to help your neighbors maintain their wellness. Give blood, get moving or find your niche in nutrition. Whatever you do, help to ensure a healthier future for all.

Health Benefits of Volunteering
Did you know volunteering to help others is healthy for you? Lower your stress, increase your self-confidence and get a physical rush of energy.

Boost Brain Health in Your Community 
Help your friends and neighbors stay sharp and get the most out of life as they age.

Supporting Caregivers 
Have a friend or loved one struggling with the demands of caregiving? There are many ways you can lend a hand.

Get Active, Get Outdoors! 
Here are some easy ways to do good - and feel good - by getting outside and brightening your community.

Mind Your Screens and Cues
Educate you friends and family about the importance of preventative healthcare and help them get that care.

Take a Loved one to the Doctor 
Encourage your loved ones to make an appointment for a checkup or screening.

Care for a Caregiver 
Discover resources on public benefits, accessible transportation, home safety, and more!

Help Someone Stay Cool During Extreme Heat 
Help prevent heat-related illnesses and deaths in your community.

Start a Walking Group 
Get up and get moving. Here's a fun and easy way to stay healthy with your friends and family.

Operation Hurricane Prepare 
Make sure those in your community are prepared for an emergency or natural disaster.

Operation Emergency Prepare 
Try these simple ways to prepare for emergency situations in advance.

Home and Safety Tips and Tools 
Help turn your loved ones homes into safe spaces.

Operation Energy Save 
Decrease your home energy expenses with these simple tricks.

Make Your Own First Aid Kit 
This first aid kit is sure to come in handy as you continue doing the hard work that you do.