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Volunteer Leaders and Nonprofits

Turn your office into "volunteer central"
Want to build stronger teams and boost morale at work? Instead of scheduling a retreat or workshop, try organizing a group volunteering opportunity.Get the Word Out About Causes You Love
When you care about a cause, raising awareness is a big priority.  It can be a big challenge.  Here are 6 easy strategies that won’t break the bank! 

Do a Drive or Swap for Your Favorite Charity
While it’s not uncommon to hear about clothing or food drives, you can plan a drive to collect virtually anything for your favorite charity.


Find the Right Board Position for You
If you’re looking for a way to volunteer with impact, joining a nonprofit organization’s board of directors could be the opportunity you’re seeking.


Grow Your Organization's Impact
Partner with others to create the greatest good!

Volunteer on the Job
A new trend is picking up steam in the corporate world, and it’s giving employees a chance to make a difference in as little as an hour at a time.


5 Secrets of Effective Volunteer Leadership
From tackling the challenges of recruiting and retaining great volunteers, to developing and honing your strategy to reach your overall mission, this article provides insights into being all you can be as an effective leader and inspiring you colleagues to make the biggest difference.

4 Creative Ways to Recognize Your Volunteers
Volunteers devote hours of energy and effort to our favorite causes every year. If you want to ensure your community volunteers feel valued and remain committed to the good they do, here are a few ways in which you can help.

Nuts and Bolts for Project Organizers
Meet your goals by making your next community event a success. Organize your volunteers in an efficient and effective way with this easy-to-use toolkit.

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