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Summer Volunteer Gigs You'll Never Forget

Summer’s almost here. And as the days get longer and warmer, excitement for volunteering heats up too. If you’re looking for interesting ways to help your community while creating an unforgettable experience of your own, here are a few ideas.

Volunteer like a rock star. 
Concerts and summers go hand in hand, and that means abundant opportunities to volunteer. As a member of the Love, Hope, Strength Foundation, you can gain access to venues and listen to the music as you sign people up to be bone marrow donors. Live in, or want to visit, the New York area? You can help provide a community with world-class music as a Chelsea Music Festival volunteer. Or, help make music tours, and the planet, more green as a Reverb volunteer. You can also contact your local music and performing arts centers directly to ask about volunteer opportunities for upcoming summer shows.

Take the field with the pros. 
Summer is the off-season for professional and collegiate hockey, basketball and football. And many local teams or individual coaches and players host summer camps for area youth. As a volunteer at a summer sports camp, you can share your time and expertise as an assistant coach, program aide or referee. And to really get up close and personal with the best of the best, you can seek a coveted volunteer position at one of several professional golf or tennis tournaments happening every year.

Have an animal encounter. 
Willing to travel this summer? You can send your application to the Smithsonian and volunteer at the National Zoo, or contact Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Texas. Summer is “baby” season, and the organizations seek help with baby mammals and birds. You can also reach out to local zoos that may have opportunities to interact with exotic animals and help bring attention to their needs.

Think like a politician. 
Congress breaks for recess in August, and your elected officials will be back in your community. Contact their offices, and find out how and where to volunteer. Or if you’re really feeling inspired, consider running for office yourself. Many seats on local boards go unfilled, and with enough enthusiasm and a little time, a door-to-door campaign in the warm summer sun can be enough to give you the electoral edge. Independence Day Parades are another great opportunity to get outside and make a difference. From organization, to setup, to safety and cleanup, you’ll find something that fits your time and talents. You’ll also have an opportunity to meet and perhaps work with, your elected officials.

For more ideas and inspiration as a summer volunteer, try this simple search and use keyword “summer.”

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